The Art Van Clean Team offers a variety of professional and residential grade cleaning products that are earth friendly and specifically designed to keep your home or business clean and beautiful. These are the same high-quality cleaning products that every Art Van Clean Team uses for every situation, and they are now available to everyone. These products are safe for home use and provide long lasting protection between professional cleaning appointments.

    Whether you have carpet stains from pets, scratches in your favourite wood coffee table or a leather couch that hasn’t been properly cleaned in years, we have everything that you need. These products help keep your carpet, rugs and furniture looking great and protected from every day wear.

  • Leather Cleaning & Protection Kit

    Let’s face it- your furniture is no small investment, and you want it to be durable and look great for years to come. Keeping your leather furniture clean and protected does more than just keep it looking great, it also preserves the life of your furniture.

    Clean your leather furniture effectively and safely with The Art Van Clean Team Leather Cleaning & Protection Kit.

    • One Earth Friendly All Natural Leather Cleaner 10 fl. Oz.
    • One Earth Friendly Conditioner & Protection Clean 10 fl. Oz.
    • One Earth Friendly Ink Lifter 2.5 fl. Oz.
    • 10oz Leather Cleaner
    • 10 oz Conditioner and Protection Cream
    • 2.5 gram Ink Lifter
    • leather protection Cloth
    • Natural Soy Cleaner Sponge

    Price: $80.00

  • Multi-Surface Cleaning & Protection Kit

    Keep all your various furniture surfaces protected and looking great. You can replace the majority of the cleaners that you currently use by switching to the Art Van Multi-Surface Cleaning & Protection Kit. This is an earth friendly, true multi-surface cleaner that cleans and protects most of the surfaces in your home or office, including tile and grout.

    • One Earth Friendly Hard Surface Cleaner & Polish 10 fl. oz.
    • One Earth Friendly Glass Cleaner & Protector 10 fl. oz.
    • 10oz Hard surface Cleaner and Polish
    • 10oz Glass Cleaner and Protector
    • 100% Microfiber Applicator Cloth

    Price: $80.00

  • Wood Care Program

    Clean, protect, and care for your fine wood furniture and other wood surfaces throughout your home with quality green cleaning treatment products that are earth friendly. The Art Van Clean Team Wood Care Program helps protect your wood surfaces, while bringing out the natural beauty of your furniture.

    Wood Care Program Includes:

    • Two Earth Friendly All Natural Wood Cleaners 15 fl. oz.
    • One Earth Friendly Wood Polish 19 fl. oz.
    • One Earth Friendly Wood Oil 10 fl. oz.
    • Earth Friendly Wax & Wood Touch-Up Stain
    • Earth Friendly Wax & Wood Touch-Up Stain Light 2 fl. oz.
    • Earth Friendly Wax & Wood Touch-Up Stain Medium 2 fl. oz.
    • Earth Friendly Wax & Wood Touch-Up Stain Dark 2 fl. Oz.
    • (2)15oz Wood Cleaner
    • 15oz Wood Polish
    • 10oz wood Oil
    • (3) 2oz Touch Up Stains
    • Microfiber Cloth

    Price: $100.00